Just A Practical Arrangement

Today’s post is inspired by a song, A practical Arrangement by Sting.                                      I advise you listen to it before reading this story. Here’s a link to download it from              http://mp3juices.to/mp3/sting-practical-arrangement

I used Italics to emphasize phrases gotten from the song.

Have a good read.

“It’s beautiful,” the lady in green said, gently caressing the rock which laid on the table still carefully placed in its box as she let her eyes study it.

“I know”, the man in a dark suit and boyish face responded. His voice didn’t match his appearance, as a matter of fact, nothing about him matched his looks. His ex-girlfriend was always quick to tell him that if the devil had a face, it would be his because of his cunning ways. Though he must say, that boyish look had saved him several times but this time was different. Continue reading