Recipe for Insanity

peyton-sawyer-peyton-sawyer-5045719-720-576Reading is an old hobby she had abandoned even though she still prides herself with the knowledge of literary writers like George Elliot, Mark Twain, Stephen King and a few others. She loves the way she silences her audience whenever she shares her extensive knowledge gotten from these books. They listen with hidden envy at how she lets their names, titles, and quotations roll out of her mouth with ease as though she were explaining the simple act of making moi-moi. Indeed, reading is a past hobby she loved but that’s all it is to her now, the past. Continue reading



The Dictionary of Contemporary English defines “Perplexed” as to be confused or worried by something that you do not understand. So we can translate this article to mean that, I am always baffled, confused, and always amazed by my society. Let me explain to you some of these things.

Even though I have eyes, I can’t stare freely at objects. My first visit to the famous Lagos’ Balogun market was trailed with advice from my friend which went like this, “Don’t stare too long at goods” and “Don’t stand too long in one spot”. By ‘too long’ he meant, ‘Don’t look at a good for more than 2 seconds’. The consequence for doing this is being crowded by prospective sellers and sometimes kidnapped by being dragged to their stores for a free showcase of other goods they ‘feel’ you may be interested in. I didn’t want to deal with that so I tried not to ‘stare too long’ or ‘stand too long’ throughout my stay there. Continue reading

Fear No More

Fear no more the frown of the great,
Thou art past the tyrant’s stroke

-Williams Shakespeare

**    **    **

As a child, Felicia feared rodents; their ability to creep in without being noticed and destroy. It was the reason she covered her toes every night for fear that they may come and chew it out. As a teenager, she feared her stepfather; of all suitors who met her mother, it had to be Patrick she agreed to marry. Like that wasn’t enough torture for her, she died a year after the marriage leaving 14 year old Felicia with a drunk Barney who saw pleasure in tears and attributed sorrowful pleas to sweet music.  Now as an adult, her fear wasn’t Rodents or Patrick but Cole. Her supposed husband. A final blow from Patrick.  Continue reading