About three months ago, I finally landed in my home country after about 16 months of a chosen exile. I had arrived minutes past midnight so I’m guessing that was the reason for the scanty airport and grumpy faces of the officials who attended to me. I was welcomed with immense heat and my months of mental preparation for the weather seemed futile. Continue reading


How To NOT Be A Nigerian: The Spirit of Compromise

No Nigerian arrangement is permanent unless that which has been arrived at by negotiated compromise.

– Peter Enahoro, 1966.

About half a century ago, Peter Enahoro published a book titled; How To Be A Nigerian. I feel privileged to be among the few in my generation to possess this book and I am grateful to my beloved friend Chikaodili for its gift. It is a book laced with comedy and embarrassing but undeniable truths. What I find amusing is Continue reading