The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Hi people, been a while right? Yes, I know. I am slacking (covers face). So how has the week been so far? Good, Bad or Ugly? Well, it’s been a combination of all three for me. Where do I Begin?



  • Ebola

According to Professor Oyebuchi Chukwu the minister of health (this man don turn celebrity o) , there is currently NO confirmed Ebola case on ground though there are still people under surveillance. We making progress… *whoop whoop.

  • Nysc POP

With each passing day, I am a step closer to my POP. Boy!!! I am eager. Some people will want to kill my joy now by asking “Hope you have plans for after service?” or saying, “Eh, pass out and join the job seekers”. What the future holds should not stop me from enjoying today. Whether there is a job waiting for me or not, I just want to finish and know that this phase is ticked. Come on people, let’s learn to see the positive in everything.



  • 09/11

Today marks the 13th year since the twin bomb blast that claimed the lives of almost 3,000 people (May their souls rest in peace). Back then, we thought it could not happen Nigeria but here we are, waking up daily to the news of Boko Haram’s new attacks. May God deliver us.

  • Inconsistency

The say the key to perfection is constant practice abi? I have been slacking as mentioned earlier. I didn’t post anything last week *sigh… I dont even remember why. Hopefully, it won’t happen again.



  • Nysc

So I listed Nysc under the good earlier but really, it’s more of a mixed feeling. Though I am looking forward to it’s end, I will definitely miss the experience and all the wonderful people I got to meet. Especially the people because I think that covers 60% of the reasons why it’s been a great experience. Seems it won’t be a pretty end because of this.

  • Kpomo/Ponmo/Pomo Ban

I am not sure as to how this is spelt but I believe you know what I’m talking about. Yes, that delicious cow skin that though it has no major nutritional value, it is exciting to chew will soon be banned. I heard this and was like “No! No!! No!!!”. This is a delicacy and it is easy to afford. Though the government’s intention is reasonable which is to focus on using it for leather goods but that does not mean eating it should be prohibited. That choice should be left for the farmers to decide. I mean, just because snake skins are used for designs does not stop the chinese people from eating it. Abi no be so?

 Wish you a pleasant weekend ahead… xoxo

 Meanwhile, notice the difference in my site today? What do you think? Is it better than the former?


12 thoughts on “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

  1. Nice blog… Love what ur doing #smiles… As for me its really a very bad n ugly week bcos I was very ill that’s the ugly part and the sad news about it is this … I did not enjoy it atol but all the same still good .. That’s because I’m still alive .. So giving God the glory…

  2. Hahaha! Idara my week has been a mixed combination of good and bad but I pick to be concerned about the good and not the bad . anyways nice blog and I am very very happy that pomo is gonna be banned!!! :p

  3. You sef dey chop pomo, lemme tell you, I’ll probably end up being a farmer and rear my own cows for the lovely skins in my soup. Anyway, congrats on your coming P.O.P, no need to fear my dear, good awaits until our fears surface.

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