The Mess Beneath Our Shoes

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”
― Socrates

Never underestimate the power of an intelligent conversation. It’s ability to stir your thoughts, blending knowledge with humor and at the same time equipping you with the ability to link the past, present, and a predictable future.  I have had my fair share of such conversations, however, no conversation beats that between Cephalus, Polemarchus, Thrasymachus, Glaucon, Adeimantus, and Socrates. Continue reading


Fear No More

Fear no more the frown of the great,
Thou art past the tyrant’s stroke

-Williams Shakespeare

**    **    **

As a child, Felicia feared rodents; their ability to creep in without being noticed and destroy. It was the reason she covered her toes every night for fear that they may come and chew it out. As a teenager, she feared her stepfather; of all suitors who met her mother, it had to be Patrick she agreed to marry. Like that wasn’t enough torture for her, she died a year after the marriage leaving 14 year old Felicia with a drunk Barney who saw pleasure in tears and attributed sorrowful pleas to sweet music.  Now as an adult, her fear wasn’t Rodents or Patrick but Cole. Her supposed husband. A final blow from Patrick.  Continue reading

Just Another Fool


Lisa was her name. She sat two rows ahead of me in Philosophy class. With her back against the wall, she provided only half of her stunning looks for me to drool, admire and envy. Smooth skinned, pointed nose, long hair, and gorgeous body. She was indeed a beauty but what amused me was why such a pretty girl never seemed to have friends. The girls envied her and always had the corner of their eyes trained on her so her tongue doesn’t go wandering in their boyfriend’s mouth. Continue reading

Twice as Big; Twice the Fare

We live in a world where judging people by their appearance is condemned. Yet, if we’re honest, we’ve all at one time or another felt an unwelcome twinge when we find that the woman next to us in a flight or bus is podgy.

In a continent like ours (Africa) being fat/podgy is often related to wealth, health and even beauty. While women in the western world put on girdles to look skinnier women here pad their asses to make them look huge. Historically, the paintings of Peter Paul Ruebens  (1577-1640) shows women who are plump and overflowing. Continue reading